Work History

I'm currently open to new opportunities!


COO & Co-founder

Trixta is building an entirely new way build software. It's a visual developer tool that allows business and technical teams to model and build complex distributed software. It automates devops as you model business requirements and visually interprets the logic of the underlying code to help everyone see what is actually going on.


Owner & MD

A startup studio that helps entrepreneurs and corporate clients define, test, build and launch new products. I took over a 3 person team at Playlogix and built it up to a 12+ in 5 years while launching 50 new products.

Some of the clients Playlogix worked with:

Lean Iterator

Co-author & Startup Mentor

Startup validation process co-created alongside running Playlogix. Our innovation curriculum in use by multiple accelerators and incubators. We also worked with two JSE listed financial companies to help design innovation processes for digital products.


Operations Manager

Helps you find and prioritize your most valuable customer interactions by collecting and categorizing online mentions and interactions. I helps build the first version of the Bransdeye Crowd - a platform for human raters to filter mentions and train AI.