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Sporadically I post some thoughts to Medium- mostly on running startups, tech trends, choosing the right tech platforms, futuristic technology, startup ideas, or topics I find interesting. You might too.

Books I've authored:

Start Here

Initially self-published in 2015, Start Here started out as a number of blog posts that I eventually strung together and fleshed out into a 'How-to build a startup' book.

Lean Iterator Playbook

When we built the Lean Iterator content we condensed it into this Playbook for our workshops. It's available publicly as well as the 6+ hrs of video content on Youtube.

Decentralizing Organizations Whitepaper

From Hierarchies to Networks: The Evolution of organizations.

While I was at Trixta, I co-authored a paper that explored how organizational structures have evolved and the factors that have caused this change. We unpack some of the current factors influencing organizational structures today and how that will affect the organizations of the future.

Publications I've written for: