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From October 2020, I've decided to move on from Trixta and am looking for my next adventure. There are 2 types of roles that I'd excel at. Are you looking for someone who fits one of these?

Product / Operations

at a high-growth startup

I have 10+ years of product and operations experience in early stage startups. I've built and run teams of developers, designers as well as product owners and helped them to follow agile principles to ship products fast. I love using data to refine and iterate the product and build process and juggling the ambiguity of defining what customers might need before it exists - and testing it thoroughly when it does.

I'm best at executing under a strong visionary leader and sales team where I focus on building the right product while at the same time creating systems and structures for scale.

Entrepreneur in Residence

at an accelerator, corporate innovation team or venture builder

Building Playlogix and helping entrepreneurs build and launch more than 50 products, gave me an appreciation for how to learn what the 'right' product is.

I took this experience and created an idea validation process along with David Campey that leveraged Lean Startup and Design Thinking techniques. It became the Lean Iterator and was used by 5 top local accelerator programs and helped two JSE listed financial companies design innovation programs.

The videos and playbook we created are now available under creative commons.

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